Get Social with Doberman Underground

​​​Who is Doberman Underground?

We are a foster based rescue.  We do not have a facility.  All of our dogs are in foster homes located in Ohio and West Virginia.  We adopt out to Ohio and surrounding states within a 6 hour drive of Columbus, OH.  We do consider other areas, but that is dependent upon our ability to get a home visit completed.  Adopters will need to travel to the area where the dog is being fostered or event is being held.  Unless the applicant meets the dog at an event, an applicant needs to be approved through the adoption process before meeting dogs.   

Adoption Process:

  • Step 1: Fill out the adoption application.  
  • Step 2: Vet Check: A volunteer will contact you requesting you authorize your veterinarian(s) to release veterinary information to the rescue.  Please include all recent veterinarians your pet(s) have seen.  We need to insure your current pets, or recently lost, were kept up to date on heartworm testing and vaccinations.  We have treated a lot of dogs for heartworm and this is very important to us.  We will decline you if you are not following your vets heartworm recommendation and/or if you are not up to date on vetting.  If you have received a prescription for heartworm medication, we will ask where it was purchased from.  
  • Step 3: Phone Interview: A volunteer will contact you to discuss any questions the application committee has on your application, any questions that might have come out of your vet check, discuss the current dogs available, etc.  
  • Step 4: Home Visit: A volunteer will contact you to setup a home visit.  
  • Step 5: Application Committee Review
  • Step 6: Approval / Meet Dogs

Our adoption costs:

$400 - PUPPIES. Up to 6 months
$350 - ADULTS   7 Months TO 2 YRS

$300 - ADULTS   3 YRS to 6 YRS
$250 - SENIORS  7+

What is included in an adoption fee? 

The adoption fee offsets the costs incurred in the rescue and medical treatment while in our care. All dogs are:

  • spay or neuter 
  • vaccinated for rabies, distemper, parvovirus, and bordatella
  • intestinal parasite testing and treatment
  • heartworm testing and monthly preventative
  • microchipped and lifetime registration
  • food and supplies​

Additional adoption info:

Adopters must own the property where the adopted dog will reside (i.e. not living at home with parents, etc.).  

We prefer to adopt to families with physical fences, however we do realize that alot of communities do not allow fences of any structure.  So we do allow adoptions to some homes without fences based on experience level of the applicant and the drive of the dog you may be interested in.

It is our policy that we do not to adopt out to homes with existing intact dogs (male or female). Whether or not you decide to spay/neuter your dog is your own decision. But we have made it our policy not to adopt our dogs into homes with intact dogs.  . 

We prefer not to place our dogs in homes with very young children. Dobermans are generally large, active dogs and can easily knock down or run over a small child.  However, we take into account experience level of the applicant and the energy level of the dog you may be interested in.

Adopters will sign an Adoption Contract. It requires, that the owner keep the dog up-to-date on vaccines, heartworm prevention, medical care and yearly veterinary exams. We also require that if the new owners should for ANY reason not be able to keep and care for the Doberman, the dog MUST be returned. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Rescue dogs are a work in progress.  We encourage our adopters to enroll in an obedience class with their new Doberman. This is helpful in building confidence for both dog and owner.