DOBERMAN UNDERGROUND has signed up with NuVet Labs to help your pets on the path to perfect health through every stage of life.  NuVet Lab’s Goal is to Help Increase Your Pet's Longevity and Quality of Life.  NuVet can help with problems your pet suffers from: Allergies, Skin and Coat Problems, Scratching, Itching and Biting, Hot Spots, Arthritis and Joint Problems, Low Energy Levels, Digestive Problems, Tear Staining, And More!

NuVet is Made in the USA with the very best human-grade, natural ingredients available and utilizes the latest advances in medical, veterinary, and nutritional science. Manufactured in a U.S. human pharmaceutical FDA- registered laboratory.

NuVet products are not available in stores; they are distributed through educated and dedicated pet industry specialists. You can order directly from the manufacturer with a referral code from us: 88906

You can click this link and go to NuVet’s website to order  You can also call NuVet Labs at 1-800-474-7044 and use order code 88906 to place an order. 


Stay Tuned:

More Fundraising Options will be coming!

Monetary donations are always greatly appreciated!!!!  You can donate via pay pal or mailing a donation directly to us! Simply click the link below or mail your donation to the address listed! Thank you so much for your support!

We have signed up with Embrace Pet Insurance to offer adopters and pet parents two free months pet insurance.

You can use the link below and enter Code "265" in the activation code area to try out Embrace and see what they have to offer. You can use the code to request a free quote too.

Why did we sign up with Embrace to offer this to adopters? Because Embrace covers the most breed specific conditions. Embrace will do a medical history review and tell you what is considered pre-existing so you can decide whether to keep the insurance.

Our dogs are family. We do our best to treat fosters like family. In recent months we had Savannah's reaction to heartworm treatment and Bree's obstruction surgery. The total bills for those were in the $13,000 range combined It's thanks to donors, DMDRA and SND we are able to provide this care to foster dogs.

If you haven't considered pet insurance before, check it out. They also have a Wellness plan that you can get annual visits, heartworm medicine, supplements, chiropractic care paid for.

Emergencies happen and having pet insurance helps pay for those unplanned problems.

Do you shop at Amazon and forget to use iGive? iGive gives FDR 0.8% of your purchase, there is a new option.  Instead of going to, go to (no www needed in front of it).  You can select DOBERMAN UNDERGROUND as your donation of choice.  We will receive 0.5% of your purchase.  Prices are the same between and  Amazon prime works the same... The only difference is you are supporting DOBERMAN UNDERGROUND!!

We are collecting Purina Weight Circles / Purina Fortiflora Proof of Purchases.  So, save up the weight circles/proof of purchases and you can mail them to us. Please E-mail us with any questions.

Pet Rescue Rx, “A Pets Before Profits Pharmacy”. Trusted source for online pet medications, pet supplies and pet food.  They carry the exact same FDA and EPA approved pet meds that your local veterinarian does, but at significant savings for you. They carry all leading brands, including Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix II, Advantage II, Dasuquin, Greenies and Heartgard. They support local animal shelters and rescue groups by contributing ALL net profits to organizations selected by you. They offer fast and free shipping to your home on most orders.  Select DOBERMAN UNDERGROUND during checkout. 

Doberman Underground

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Help your favorite cause or charity every time you shop online, the iGive Button makes it simple. It's all free and there are over 1000 socially-responsible stores helping to make donations happen.  We hope you'll give it a try.  Here's the link:  Select DOBERMAN UNDERGROUND as your charity of choice and shop away!!

You can download the iGive button and it will notify you when a website you are on participates.  Or you can go to iGive then click on your store to shop.  Places that participate in iGive: Amazon (0.8%), BestBuy (0.8%), Groupon (2%), Sears (1.6%), Puritan Pride (3.2%), Entirely Pets (2.4%), Target, Verizon Wireless, Apple, Dell, HP. Local stores like Sears and Best Buy – you can buy online and pickup in the store.  Saves you from impulse buying…

If you use iGive and shop on Amazon, it will automatically take you to Amazon Smile and we get both donations!

Get Social with Doberman Underground

The Ohio Pet License Plates are vehicle registration tags that raise funds for education, spay and neuter of pets for low-income families, and for dogs and cats adopted from qualifying agencies. 

Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
501c3 and Veterinary Nonprofit Organizations

Share your love for pets! Even if you have just renewed your license plates, you can still buy the plate for $25. To purchase simply visit your deputy registrar's office, call 1-800-589-TAGS or visit

The more plates we sell, the more animals we can help. For more information about the Ohio Pet Fund go to

DOBERMAN UNDERGROUND is registered in the Kroger Community Reward program.  Organization Number 81822
Make sure to register your Kroger Shoppers’s card by going to and signing up your Kroger Shopper card to our organization number 81822. Then every time you scan your Kroger card a percent of your purchase is donated to Doberman Underground!!!  
WHAT A GREAT WAY TO GIVE!!  Nothing out of your pocket and you always save shopping at your local Kroger!!!
Shop as you normally do scanning your Kroger card each time you shop. Kroger tracks the total of your purchases and makes a donation each quarter to the rescue. This is a great way to donate especially in these harder times as the donation is made by Kroger just from your shopping for necessities.
NOTE: Enrollment has to be renewed every year.  We will send reminders out. 

Our Pay Pal email addess is: